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The Advantages of A PPO Insurance Plan

There are three main advantages to having a PPO insurance plan. A Preferred Provider Organization plan (PPO) allows you to visit a larger network of doctors, doesn’t require a referral for specialists, and will cost you less when visiting in-network doctors.

Is this network right for you?

Access to a larger network of doctors with PPO insurance plans

A benefit of choosing a PPO insurance plan is access to a vaster network of doctors. You can visit doctors both in-network and out-of-network, which is helpful if you have a preferred primary care provider not covered by another plan. It is highly beneficial if you travel out of state often. You won’t be required to see your primary care provider should something go wrong while traveling.

Referrals are not required

With most plans, you must get a referral from your primary care provider to visit a specialist. However, with a PPO plan, there isn’t a prerequisite. You can choose a specialist of your choice. It can minimize the delay of getting into a provider.

Costs are less when you visit in-network doctors

You can visit a provider out of your network with this plan. However, it’s still advantageous to see in-network doctors when possible for lower costs.

You will also notice that PPO plans typically have higher premium payments to compensate for the increased network options.

Is a PPO insurance plan right for you?

A PPO insurance plan is perfect if you want access to a wider network of doctors and no necessary referrals. However, as with any insurance plan, we recommended speaking with a licensed insurance broker to make an informed decision. An insurance broker can help you find the right plan for your current situation.

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