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How Can A Group Health Insurance Broker Help You?

A broker is valuable in helping you get group health insurance that matches your business needs. With education support, knowledge of options, and expertise in finding a plan for you, the process doesn’t need to be stressful.

Group health insurance education

You don’t need to understand everything about group health insurance. A broker is available as a resource to answer your questions and explain essential information. Be confident knowing what your plan covers and deciding for your business. Get clarity on your plan deductible, co-pays, network coverage, and more.

See our blog post “15 Questions to Ask Broker About Your Group Health Coverage” to help prepare for your next meeting.

Comparing options to find the plans that fit your needs

A large part of a broker’s role is helping you find a plan that fits the needs of both your employees and your budget. The group insurance coverage process begins with collecting information such as the number of employees eligible, any waiting periods, the number of hours employees work, and basic information about them.

Important note: Typically, there is no additional charge for helping you find a plan. However, there may be a fee for micro-groups. There isn’t compensation from carriers for groups this small (less than five people).

Brokers are familiar with the health insurance

Certified brokers are familiar with health insurance carriers, their offerings, and the advantages of using one over another in your situation. Additionally, they are keeping up with any changing trends and necessary certifications over time to provide you with the best service possible.

Washington group health insurance

LifePlan Financial Inc. has been serving Washingtonians since 2005. We are committed to providing health insurance information, education, and options. To get a group medical quote, click here.



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