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Is Group Health Insurance Important For Employees?

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

The short answer is YES!

When a company offers its employees a robust group health insurance plan that is priced right for them, employees feel valued. What the pandemic has taught us, it’s that work is no longer exclusively about the money earned but how employees feel about their place in the company. Another thing the pandemic has taught us is that health insurance is extremely important in the coordination of healthcare.

Employees look for different factors in their health insurance. Business owners should understand that these factors can be critical for an employee’s health and wealth. Here are a few examples of how insurance is important for employees, by category:

group health insurance benefits for employee health and wealth chart

In addition to group health insurance, an employer can offer other benefits such dental, vision, life, short- and long-term disability, and supplemental insurance. Each one of these benefits can enhance the employees’ quality of life. For the most part, employers want employees to have a work-life balance and these benefits compliment that balance. These benefits sometimes enable the employee to have a positive work-life balance.

A company’s return on investment in group health insurance is as varied as the companies themselves. A short list is a healthier workforce, less unscheduled employee time-off, workforce retention through lower attrition rates and positive word-of-mouth by employees.

Employees are valuable assets to companies. With the help of an experienced group health insurance agent, that value can be realized through choices that suit your employees’ needs.

Happy and Healthy Employees = A Financially Healthy Company!


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