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Renewing Washington Health Insurance for Groups

When should you renew Washington health insurance for your group?

Your insurance plan is renewed yearly. We suggest meeting with a broker to discuss your group health coverage 2-3 months before your plan ends. This allows enough time to research plans and evaluate your options for the upcoming year. Don’t wait until the last minute. Fall is typically the busiest time of year to renew insurance, as it’s open enrollment season for individual health insurance.

What information do you need to renew group health coverage?

Like acquiring health insurance, you must collect information about your employees and determine which employees will be covered by the plan. Have there been any changes to the number of hours worked, zip code, or dependents?

In addition to employee information, assess what is and isn’t working with your current plan. You aren’t stuck with the same plan for the next year. Adjustments can be made as you see fit. Perhaps your deductible is too high, your premium is too high, or your network doesn’t allow you to visit certain doctors.

How can a Washington health insurance broker help you?

A Washington health insurance broker will guide you through the process of finding a plan that’s right for your business. When renewing your plan, your broker will take into account any necessary changes, plan preferences, and your budget. Then, they will quote a variety of carriers before presenting you with options to choose from.

You can expect yearly changes to plans, making the step of quoting carriers essential. A deductible or premium may no longer be a great fit for you and your employees. Washington health insurance brokers are certified and experienced in researching plans and networks. They can help you save on rates so you stay within your budget.

It’s important to communicate what you’re looking to get out of a plan. For example, any deductibles, premium payments, networks, supplemental plans, or coverage preferences. It’s possible that another network will work better and offer your employees more flexibility.



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