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Group Health Insurance Broker | Stanwood, WA


Washington Group Health Insurance

Be confident in choosing a group health insurance plan that's right for your business.

The LifePlan Financial Inc.'s health insurance brokers are committed to insurance information, education, and options.


For any scale of business, LifePlan Financial Inc. has financially responsible answers to your group medical needs. Our insurance agents understand plans in Washington State. We help assist business owners find benefit plans for employees, taking into account what's affordable for your budget.


There are many health insurance choices.  

Our licensed and experienced Washington group health insurance brokers will evaluate your current benefit structure, recommend changes, calculate costs or savings, and present solutions. We also offer cost reductive solutions for Medicare eligible employees or retirees. 


We have partnered with a variety of insurance carriers in Washington that offer business health insurance plans to help you find you the right healthcare coverage.

Clients can expect ongoing support from our team with analysis of your plan throughout the benefit year.


We do all of this, and more, at no cost to you.

Fees may apply for microgroups.

If you're considering offering a benefit package to your employee for the first time or would like us to review your current group medical insurance, please contact us for a private consultation.


 Let us show you why so many Washington businesses already trust our business for healthcare coverage.


How Can A Group Health Insurance Broker Help You?

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